Snowbrush with Squeegee

Item Code: 464-48

Pack/UOM: EACH (12 per case)

Telescoping Snow Brush 48" Max Extension 6/case

Item Code: 464-51

Pack/UOM: EACH (6 per case)

Snowbrush with Ice Scraper

Item Code: 465

Pack/UOM: EACH (24 per case)

Deluxe Snowbrush

Item Code: 466

Pack/UOM: EACH (12 per case)

Snow Rake Handle

Item Code: 467Handle

Pack/UOM: EACH (12 per case)

Snow Rake Head

Item Code: 467Head

Pack/UOM: EACH (12 per case)

Flat Aluminum Snow Shovel

Item Code: 468

Pack/UOM: EACH (1 each)

Plastic Snow Shovel

Item Code: 469

Pack/UOM: EACH (1 each)

Aluminum Snow Pusher

Item Code: 470

Pack/UOM: EACH (1 each)

Heavy Duty Plastic Snow Shovel

Item Code: 471

Pack/UOM: EACH (1 each)

Deicing Rock Salt 50 lbs 49 bags/skid

Item Code: 473-50

Pack/UOM: BAG (49 bags per skid)

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt

Item Code: 477

Pack/UOM: VARIOUS ("Sizes Available: 40 lb. pails (36 per skid), 50 lb. bags (50 per skid), and 150 lb. drums (8 per skid)")

Walk Behind Ice Melt Spreader

Item Code: 477D

Pack/UOM: EACH (1 each)

Hand Held Ice Melt Spreader

Item Code: 478

Pack/UOM: EACH (1 each)

Half as Much Green Earth Ice Melt 50 lb Bags

Item Code: 482

Pack/UOM: VARIOUS (Sizes Available: 11 lb. shaker jars and 50 lb. bags (50 per skid))

Ice Scraper 10" Long

Item Code: 483

Pack/UOM: 1 ()

Roadrunner Blended Ice Melt

Item Code: 484

Pack/UOM: BAG (50 lb. bags (50 bags per skid))

Green Scapes Ice Melt

Item Code: 485-50

Pack/UOM: BAG (50 lb. bags)

Ice Dam Blaster Ice Melter Sleeves

Item Code: 490-2x24

Pack/UOM: EACH (15 per case)

Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel 12x1 qt/cs

Item Code: 749Q

Pack/UOM: QUART (12 per case)

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