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Amber Hand Soap - Multiple Sizes

Sizes: 130G: 1 gallon bottles (4/case); 130-5: 5 gallon pails; 130-15: 15 gallon drums; 130-30: 30 gallon drums; 130-55: 55 gallon drums

Clear amber color. Pleasant scent. Lots of cleaning power, yet mild to hands. 

Picture of Amber Hand Soap4x1 gal Flat Top bottle
Amber Hand Soap4x1 gal Flat Top bottle
130G: sold by the gallon
SKU: 130G
Picture of Amber Hand Soap5 gal
Amber Hand Soap5 gal
5 gallon pail
SKU: 130-5
Picture of Amber Hand Soap15 gal
Amber Hand Soap15 gal
15 gallon drum
SKU: 130-15
Picture of Amber Hand Soap30 gal
Amber Hand Soap30 gal
30 gallon drum
SKU: 130-30
Picture of Amber Hand Soap55 gal
Amber Hand Soap55 gal
55 gallon drum
SKU: 130-55