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Anti-Slip Quaternary Powder - Multiple Sizes

#N3183-45: 45 lb. drum (sold by the drum #N3183-450: 450 lb. drum (sold by the drum)

For use in meat and poultry plants. Keeps floors dry and provides non-slipping traction. Has a quaternary in the powder to kill germs and maintain a sanitary environment in the plant.

Picture of Anti-Slip QuaternaryPowder 45 lbs/drum
Anti-Slip QuaternaryPowder 45 lbs/drum
N3183-45: sold by the drum
SKU: N3183-45
Picture of Anti-Slip QuaternaryPowder 450 lbs/drum
Anti-Slip QuaternaryPowder 450 lbs/drum
#N3183-450: 450 lbs/drum
SKU: N3183-450