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Bathroom Products

Bathroom Products

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Cherry Urinal Screen12/box

SKU: 624
#624: 12/box

Toilet Bowl Rimcage Deodorizer 12/case

SKU: 626
626: sold by each

Holder for Toilet Bowl BrushWhite Plastic

629HOLDER: sold by each

Kraft Waxed Paper ReceptacleLiners - 500/Case

Kraft Waxed Paper Receptacle Liners - 500/Case

Toilet Seat Covers 2,500/cs

SKU: 600
#600 - 250 sleeves/pack, 10 packs/case

Premium Toilet Seat Covers 1/2 Fold250/sleeve, 20 sleeves/case

SKU: 600-5000VC
#600-5000VC: 250/sleeve, 20 sleeves/case

Liquid Scour12x1 qt/cs

SKU: 615L
#615L: 12 x 1 quart/case

Micro-Soft Non-Scratching Cream Cleaner 12x1 qt/case

SKU: N615L
#N615L - sold by the quart

Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner 12 qts/case

SKU: 620Q
#620Q: 12 quarts/case

Blue Bowl Deodorizer 12x9 oz/box

SKU: 621
#621: 12x9 oz/box

Deodorant Wall Blocks 6 x 16 oz/box 36/case

SKU: 623-16
#623-16: 12 x 16 oz/box

Round Deodorant Blocks 12x3 oz/box (144/cs)

SKU: 623-3
12x3 oz/box(144/cs)

Toilet Bowl Hanger 12/box (144/case)

SKU: 623H
12/box (144/case)

3D Wave Urinal Screens - Multiple Options

SKU: 624-3DCM
Fragrances: #624-3DCM: Cucumber Melon, #624-3DHM: Herbal Mint, #624-3DKG: Kiwi Grapefruit, and #624-3DSA: Spiced Apple. All sold by the pair. 5 pair/inner box

Wave Urinal Screens - Multiple Options

SKU: 624CB
Fragrances: #624CB: Cotton Blossom, #624CM: Cucumber Melon, #624HM: Herbal Mint, and #624SA: Spiced Apple. All sold by the each. All 60/case

Disposable Urinal FloorMat 6/case

#624MAT: 6/case

Tub & Tile Porcelain Cleaner - Multiple Sizes

SKU: 627Q
Tub & Tile size: #627Q: 1 quart (12/case) Tile Klenz sizes: #627G: 1 gallon (4/case), #627-5: 5 gallon pails, #627-15: 15 gallon drums, #627-30: 30 gallon drums, #627-55: 55 gallon drums

Cling Thick Liquid Bowl Cleaner 12x1 qt/cs

SKU: 628Q
Cling Thick Liquid Bowl Clnr 12x1 qt/cs