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Tile Klenz - multiple sizes

627-5: 5 gallon sold by the pail; 627-15: sold by the 15 gallon drum; 627-30: sold by the 30 gallon drum; 627-55: sold by the 55 gallon drum

Economical, effective, easy to use, acidic delimer and descaler  containing phosphoric acid. Use on stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, copper, brass, ceramic, plastic, porcelain, and glass.

Removes road film, calcium, tarnish, magnesium, iron, rust and mineral deposits. Use to clean houses and truck trailers, trim on show cases, shower stalls, walls, floors, drain boards, refrigerators, cabinets, metal splash boards and faucets.


Picture of Tile Klenz4x1 gal
Tile Klenz4x1 gal
sold by the gallon
SKU: 627G
Picture of Tile Klenz5 gal
Tile Klenz5 gal
sold by the 5 gallon pail
SKU: 627-5
Picture of Tile Klenz15 gal
Tile Klenz15 gal
sold by the drum
SKU: 627-15
Picture of Tile Klenz30 gal
Tile Klenz30 gal
sold by the drum
SKU: 627-30
Picture of Tile Klenz55 gal
Tile Klenz55 gal
sold by the drum
SKU: 627-55
Products specifications
Type Tile & Grout